ROLE: executive producer, Photographer
‘A beleza e a dor', "The beauty and the pain", brings together 35 images that summarise the experience as an educator within the Hearts of Gold Children's Hospice, the only orphanage for children with special needs in Lagos,  and as a photographer on the streets of Lagos, the most populated city of Nigeria and Africa. “The beauty and the pain” exalted images and stories to demystify some of the prejudice that we have about the African reality.
From 2012 to 2016, the project has been on over 20 schools and became an exposition in several museus and universities in São Paulo (Brazil).
2016 – A Beleza e a Dor, Estação Cultura - Campinas/SP
2016 – A Beleza e a Dor, Centro de Convenções Unicamp - Campinas/SP
2014 – Caras Nigeriana, Novo Panorama das Artes - Valinhos/SP
2014 – Viver Valinhos, Prefeitura Municipal - Valinhos/SP (exposição coletiva)
2011 – A Beleza e a Dor, Espaço Cultural da Câmara Municipal  - Valinhos/SP
2011 – A Beleza e a Dor, 8º Salão Nacional de fotografia Pérsio Galembeck – Araras/SP

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