Discomfort. Who truly welcomes it? Most of us instinctively retreat to our comfort zones when confronted with unsettling circumstances. Faced with an unfamiliar culture, we often resort to predetermined categories for comprehension. When walking on scorching asphalt, our natural inclination is to seek cooler ground. Such is the pattern of our behavior.
'AFAGONIA', a collaboration between Tomás Cajueiro and Genivaldo Amorim, dares us to confront this emotion we typically evade: discomfort. It urges us to contemplate our encounters with the unfamiliar, the foreign, the potentially threatening. A sensation we shield ourselves from, yet ironically impose upon nature and the myriad forms of life that inhabit our urban environments. In pursuit of personal comfort, we gravitate towards private condos and towering buildings, even if they alienate segments of society. For our convenience, we opt for the cheapest garment, overlooking the hands that may have crafted it under less-than-favorable conditions. It seems we sidestep the darker consequences of our choices—the lingering aftermath of our relentless pursuit of comfort.
'AFAGONIA' juxtaposes two contrasting aspects of Valinhos: its natural allure characterized by numerous streams, springs, and mountainous landscapes, and the perpetual threat these treasures face due to human intervention. It highlights the paradox of unchecked urban development, which may improve life quality for some, while simultaneously jeopardizing the city's aquifers and green spaces, ultimately impacting everyone.
Imagine a container, its interior cloaked in darkness, projecting images that encapsulate Valinhos' unspoiled beauty. Contrasting this is a relentless symphony of construction noise, vehicular traffic, and human clamor, unsettling visitors who enter this space. This artwork was commissioned by the 'Virada Sustentável Institute'.

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