Discomfort. Who likes to be uncomfortable? On the contrary, most of us, when faced with a threat, often close ourselves into our comfort zone. When getting to know a new culture, we tris to use pre-established categories to understand it, when stepping on hot asphalt, he quickly seeks a cooler floor. So we move forward.
'AFAGONIA', a work by Tomás Cajueiro and Genivaldo Amorim, seeks to make us reflect precisely on this feeling that we so much avoid. About discomfort. About being exposed to something that doesn't belong to us. Exposed to a potential threat. A sensation that we avoid for us but, paradoxically, we generate in nature and in the various forms of life that make up the city around us. For our comfort we moved to private condominiums and big buildings, even if they exclude part of society from our coexistence. For our comfort we bought that shirt at the department store at the best prices, even though the labor that made the shirt was that of a semi-enslaved child. We seem to avoid thinking and facing the dark side of our choices head on. The dark side of our quest for comfort.
With 'AFAGONIA' work, we seek to put in contrast two conflicting sides of the city of Valinhos: the natural beauty of the city, bathed by countless streams, springs and mountain areas, in contrast to the eternal threat that these beauties suffer thanks to the action of man in the environment . The paradox of savage real estate speculation, which for some raises the quality of life in the city, with the irrational destruction of the city's springs and green areas that inevitably brings harm to everyone.
A container, all black inside, with the projection of images of the natural beauty of the city of Valinhos. In contrast, an incessant sound of building, cars and voices that disturbs the visitor when he enters the container to admire the beauty of the city.
comissioned by the  'virada sustentável institute'

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