An innovative Brazilian with a strong desire to share experiences. Photographer with long experience in documentary photography, also became a cultural producer to have other means to express ideas and to bring his theoretical reflections to a more tangible dimension.  
Used to living different cultures and communicating with different people, he is passionate about communication, multiculturalism and learning opportunities that can emerge from the encounter with what is different. This is the idea that led him to live in different countries and three continents.
Bachelor in Communication Sciences at University for Foreigners of Perugia (Italy), Graduated in Political Science at University of Manchester (UK), having a master’s degree in cultural management by Getúlio Vargas Foundation (Brazil). he is currently pursuing a phd  in  photojournalism at autonomous university of barcelona.
Founder, in 2014, of an independent company with the aim of promoting culture through artists career management and cultural projects. Images and projects loaded with expression and feeling, which proposes a reflection, to those who observe, on the lives of others and the cultural differences that ennoble and enrich our world.
In July 2019, he had returned to Europe to develop a network with European cultural producers to give his projects a global dimension by learning from their stories and also contributing through his own experiences. in doing so its open for new partnerships  WITH PHOTO AGENCIES FOR THE PRODUCTION OF PHOTO REPORTAGES AND CULTURAL PRODUCTION ON THE AUDIOVISUAL SEGMENT.
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