Role: Photographer, Executive Producer
'Dal vuoto, al volto' is a photographic reportage meticulously crafted to encapsulate the essence of Turin, Italy, during the unprecedented Coronavirus crisis in 2019-2020. Through the lens, the journey sought to spotlight the resilience of a community, rallying together in the face of an epochal challenge, to alleviate the immediate social aftershocks of an impending economic downturn. The juxtaposition of haunting desolation in deserted streets with the resolute faces of dedicated volunteers served as a focal point of the narrative.
Venturing through various neighborhoods and collaborating closely with NGOs that persevered during the pandemic, the endeavor aimed to create a historical testament to an era defined by isolation and severe social distancing. Yet, within this isolation, moments emerged where many were profoundly drawn closer to values that may have waned in the routine daily grind.
Commissioned by ' - volontariato torino' in collaboration with 'Regione Piemonte', this work had the honor of being showcased in an exhibition at Palazzo Lascaris, Turin, from y 22nd to September 30th.
from july 22nd to septembre 30th the it was I was exposed to the public at palazzo lascaris, Turin, as a way to share with the community the stories from the city and its volunteers.
a bit of the media coverage given to the project:

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