ROLES: EXECUTIVE PRODUCER; social media manager 
The "Artists of Valinhos Stickers Collection" project emerges as a groundbreaking initiative in Valinhos. The idea was sparked by the recognition of the growing challenge of making art accessible to the masses through traditional mediums like exhibitions and books. This challenge is particularly pronounced in locales with limited cultural infrastructure. The mission with this project was to break away from the norm, introducing a delightful and interactive way for individuals, friends, and families to engage with art.The album boasts 200 stickers. Each of the 50 featured artists is represented with four stickers: a portrait and three showcasing their artworks. Additionally, a concise narrative provides insights into their respective artistic journeys.
The Project was carried out through Proac-ICMS program and was  sponsored by Cartonificio Valinhos, Caetano Supermarkets and Asten LTDA. It also has a social vision with 600 kits containing albums and stickers donated to children and young people attended by cultural and philanthropic institutions in the city.
To immerse yourself in this creative tapestry, view the complete album here: Support for this project was graciously provided by PROAC, under the aegis of the São Paulo State Government.
Throughout the month of March/2019, four trading sessions were organised on Saturdays so that people could exchange Stickers and complete albums!
The album was released at a group exhibition with the artists participating in the project.

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