Role: Photographer, Executive Producer
Terún is a photo reportage I created during 2018/19 on the 'Marielle Vive' occupation, orchestrated by the Movimento Sem Terra (The Landless Movement) in Valinhos/SP.
From the occupation's initial days to its first-year anniversary, my aim was not just to document the community's evolution, but to delve into the judgments people from Valinhos, primarily of Italian descent, held against those living in the occupation. Through my lens, I endeavored to unravel the historical amnesia that causes individuals with an immigrant family background to judge new migrants using the same prejudiced arguments their ancestors once faced.
The Virada Sustentável Institute commissioned this work, and it was subsequently exhibited at the 'Virada Sustentável Campinas 2020' and the 'Terún Art Gallery' in Turin. Additionally, I had the privilege of publishing it as an ethnographic research paper in the Revista Ciências da Sociedade.
Virada Sustentável
Campinas - May/2019

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