Roles: Photographer and executive producer
'Valinhos Portraits' emerged from a collaboration between 'Brazilian Portraits' and Ocupe.Arte, serving as a heartfelt tribute to the city where the founder of 'Brazilian Portraits', Tomás Cajueiro, spent many formative years. This special edition encapsulates and narrates the lives of 50 distinctive individuals from Valinhos, realized in close collaboration with the talented photographer, Marcel Pazinatto.
In January 2018, the Parish Hall of the Igreja Matriz became the backdrop for a public exhibition, aligning with the celebrations of São Sebastião. This event also spotlighted a talk by the esteemed artist and project curator, Genivaldo Amorim, exploring the nuances of photography as a manifestation of contemporary art. The essence of 'Valinhos Portraits' continued to resonate throughout 2018 with a series of weekly features on the Pé de Figo Portal, each unveiling the unique story of Valinhos' residents.
It was presented in an exposition at the cultural space of the São Sebastião church, the city cathedral, on january 2018.

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