Roles: Photographer and executive producer
‘Retratos Valinhenses’ (Valinhos portraits) is a partnership between 'brazilian portraits' and Ocupe.Arte, paying homage in a simple way to the city in which the creator of the project 'brazilian portraits', Tomás Cajueiro, grew up and lived for so many years. ‘valinhos Portraits is a special series that records and tells the story of 50 characters from the city, produced in conjunction with photographer Marcel Pazinatto.
In January 2018, in the Parish Hall of the Igreja Matriz, it gave rise to an exhibition open to the public, as part of the São Sebastião festivities and to a lecture with the plastic artist and project curator, Genivaldo Amorim, on photography as an expression of contemporary art. Later, throughout 2018, a weekly column was published on the Pé de Figo Portal, featuring the profile of different people in the city.
It was presented in an exposition at the cultural space of the São Sebastião church, the city cathedral, on january 2018.

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