Role: executive producer
The 'Aldir Blanc Cultural Fund' was established as a response to the public health calamity resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil. It focuses on emergency measures tailored to support the cultural sector during these trying times. The fund is designed to aid cultural professionals, artistic venues, micro and small cultural enterprises, cooperatives, institutions, and community cultural organizations, all of which saw their operations halt due to the social distancing mandates.
In the first half of 2021, Cajueiro facilitated the production of projects for nine artists, all of whom were recipients of the Aldir Blanc fund's aid. The illustrious artists backed by the initiative included: Ana Massara, Amanda Barroso, Arlete Luthold, Chris Day, Fábio Vieira, Karolayne Barroso, Melissa Costa, Noboru, and Reis.

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