ROLES: executive producer (2018/2019) and photographer for 2018 edition of the project.
The #salvemnossosfigos (#saveourfigs) initiative is an artistic intervention aimed at emphasizing the urgent need to preserve Valinhos' rich cultural heritage, particularly given its reputation as Brazil's premier fig producer. Moreover, the project endeavored to infuse everyday life with art.
In September 2018, as part of this unique initiative, 40 ceramic figs, all hand-painted by local artists, were strategically placed throughout Valinhos' streets. These figs weren't just decorative installations – they were gifts. Passersby who stumbled upon these figs were encouraged to "save" them, essentially taking them home at no cost. Building on the success and the buzz created in its maiden year, the project returned for its second edition in 2019, releasing another 30 beautifully crafted ceramic figs into the streets of Valinhos for residents and visitors to discover and cherish.
They were successful, became famous and came back sold on Ocupe.Arte plataform. These are exclusive drawings made by artists from Valinhos, to symbolise the culture of our city. By acquiring the figs, people strengthened Ocupe.Arte and, at the same time, generated income for the artists and artisans who created the works. Besides, of course, they now have a beautiful fig painted by an amazing artist!

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