Roles: Executive Producer, Social media manager
Ocupe.Arte:Valinhos emerged from a vision to bolster the cultural landscape of Valinhos/SP. It aims to furnish artists with expanded opportunities to evolve their craft while ensuring that art remains accessible to all. The platform was conceived out of the desire to rejuvenate a dormant cultural environment, one that witnessed countless pledges made, but seldom realized. We were inspired to craft a fresh space for dialogue — a space alive with the eagerness to redefine culture. We harbor an ambition to curate independently, while remaining harmoniously engaged with the pivotal stakeholders in this creative interplay: the artists, businesses, and the community.
Over a span of nearly 5 years, Ocupe.Arte has been the driving force behind more than 20 projects, bankrolled through public grants, collaborations with local businesses, and crowdfunding initiatives. Dive into the depth of our projects on our website. Below are some examples of our curated works:
CelebrAÇÃO: A three-day exhibition that offered a unique opportunity to visit one of the city's most important cultural venues, Galeria João do Monte, with a special expo about artists from Valinhos.
Work.Arte: In order to give artists the opportunity to improve their career management, Ocupe.Arte operates the professionalisation of the artistic class of Valinhos by organising lectures and workshops on different aspects of cultural production. 
Ateliê Aberto: Very often, artists spend many hours closed in their studios producing their art. Often months pass with little interaction among other artists. But art also takes place in the interaction between parties, in exchange, in discussing doubts, in laughter. Therefore, since March 2018, collective visits to different studios in the region are organised monthly.
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