Roles: Executive Producer, Social media manager
Ocupe.Arte:Valinhos is a platform born from the dream of strengthening the cultural scene of Valinhos/SP, so that artists would have more opportunities to develop their projects and art can be accessible and consumed by all. It was born from the challenge of transforming an unproductive cultural scene, in which many promises were made but never fulfilled, into a new place of dialogue, live and with the will to make something different with culture. Willingness to produce in an independent way, but at the same time in tune with the most important agents of this relationship: artists, business and people.

In almost 3 years Ocupe.Arte produced more than 20 projects, being financed by public grants, partnerships with small business in the city and crowdfunding campaigns.  See al the projects on our website. 
Here are some example of the projects we have done:
CelebrAÇÃO: A three-day exhibition that offered a unique opportunity to visit one of the city's most important cultural venues, Galeria João do Monte, with a special expo about artists from Valinhos.
Work.Arte: In order to give artists the opportunity to improve their career management, Ocupe.Arte operates the professionalisation of the artistic class of Valinhos by organising lectures and workshops on different aspects of cultural production. 
Ateliê Aberto: Very often, artists spend many hours closed in their studios producing their art. Often months pass with little interaction among other artists. But art also takes place in the interaction between parties, in exchange, in discussing doubts, in laughter. Therefore, since March 2018, collective visits to different studios in the region are organised monthly.
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