Role: Photographer
In partnership with the 'Rescue Project', 'Canta oltre' was selected for the book #raccontoplurale, an initiative by the Fondazione CRT to finance some of the most relevant cultural projects carried out in Turin, Italy, during the pandemic. This effort aimed to support artists while creating a historical record of cultural production in the city. The photo, captured at the Bagni Pubblici di via Aglie, documents the remarkable work of Camilla S. Belezza and Vicente Cabrera.
'Canta Oltre' aimed to stage small performances in associations working on food distribution for the homeless and individuals affected by the social and cultural impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The project involved 11 musicians and one photographer. 'CANTA OLTRE' sought to strengthen cultural and ethnic minorities across Europe by utilizing art as a means of fostering connections and communication within the EU borders.

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