Role: executive producer and photographer
The project  'Retratos Campineiros (Campinas Portraits)” is the seminal project that have latter evolved to the 'Brazilian portraits'project. In Campinas, the photos were produced between December 2014 and July 2015 a total  Of 800 images, 30 of each were  part of an exhibition at the 'MIS - museu da imagem e do som de Campinas'.
created by photographers Carlos Rincón and Tomás Cajueiro with the aim of building a large collection of portraits of campinas, a great search for the immense diversity of types, races, peculiarities, particularities that make up this unique mosaic we call people Brazilian. In the project go in search of groups of people with distinct and peculiar characteristics, whether due to ethnic origin, culture, physical and social condition, type of profession, historical particularities, etc. They will visit rural and urban locations, public and private spaces, communities, institutions, NGOs, schools, streets, squares, fairs, popular festivals, hospitals, religious, popular, cultural manifestations, etc. These places will invite people to let themselves be photographed. After the photograph is taken, it is immediately printed on paper, size 10x15 cm, in a high-resolution printer, on special paper, and given to the person
These photographs aim to bring out all the cultural diversity that can be found in a metropolis like Campinas, and as such are a small cultural mosaic of the broader brazilian reality. People photographed get a copy of the photo printed on the spot and can share a short account of the moment photographed or some life experience.
comissioned by the Fundo de Investimentos Culturais de Campinas (Cultural Investment Fund of the city of Campinas

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