Role: executive producer and photographer
The project 'Retratos Campineiros (Campinas Portraits)' served as the foundational work that eventually blossomed into the 'Brazilian Portraits' project. In Campinas, from December 2014 to July 2015, a whopping 800 images were captured, of which 30 were meticulously selected to grace an exhibition at the 'MIS - Museu da Imagem e do Som de Campinas'.
Dreamed up and realized by photographers Carlos Rincón and Tomás Cajueiro, the initiative was fueled by the ambition to curate an expansive collection of portraits reflective of the multifaceted residents of Campinas. Their goal? To shine a light on the rich tapestry of backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, and unique individualities that come together to create the vibrant patchwork we recognize as Brazilian society.
To capture this diverse populace, they journeyed across urban sprawls and rustic countrysides, delving into both public and private realms. They ventured into communities, institutions, NGOs, schools, streets, squares, markets, festivals, hospitals, and myriad other locales. Within these settings, they extended invitations to individuals to step in front of the camera, immortalizing them in snapshots. Every individual photographed was immediately gifted a high-resolution, 10x15 cm print of their portrait.
Beyond just a photograph, this project was about capturing the essence of Campinas' cultural diversity—a microcosm of the broader Brazilian panorama. Each participant not only received a tangible memento of their moment under the lens but was also given the opportunity to share a brief narrative or personal anecdote, further enriching the tapestry of stories.
This enriching endeavor was commissioned by the Fundo de Investimentos Culturais de Campinas (Cultural Investment Fund of the City of Campinas).

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